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Square dancing is friendship set to music! Square dancing has many, fun, exercise, getting to know friendly people, and more!


All Perky Promenader classes and dances
are on PAUSE
until further notice!
(Hang in there. COVID won't last forever!
Everyone's' safety is our primary concern.)

Dance Schedule last updated: 8/16/2021

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The Perky Promenaders will be hosting free 'refresher sessions' for existing dancers starting Monday Night, August 23rd.

Due to the close proximity and high level of contact required for square dancing, all participants must show evidence of full vaccination by presenting their original CDC Covid-19 Vaccination Record Card, and sign a Personal Acknowledgement of Risk and Mutual Responsibility form at their first Perky Promenader event. A photocopy of your vaccination card, or a picture on your phone is not acceptable. You need only show your original card to us once, and we will record that you have shown it to us.

Please do not put our greeters in a position of needing to turn you away. Please bring your vaccination card with you the first time you come to a Perky event.

Masks are optional. You should feel comfortable if you choose to wear a mask.

The refresher sessions will be held Monday nights starting August 23rd from 7:00 - 9:00 PM. We anticipate there will be at least 4 of these sessions. Especially on the first night, you may want to come 15 - 20 minutes early so that we can record that you showed us your vaccination card, and collect your completed Personal Acknowledgement of Risk and Mutual Responsibility. This form is downloadable, so you can print it, complete it, and bring it with you on the first night to help our check-in process move quickly. Note that you only need to bring the first page (club copy). The second page is for your records.

We request that you pre-register for these sessions, as that will make our planning easier. Just send an email to and let us know you are coming. Please send your email as soon as possible, but no later than Friday August 13th.

These sessions will be held at our Christ United Methodist Church location. (directions)

There will be No Cost for these sessions!! Everyone is invited, so we encourage everyone to attend. Please bring your own water & snacks. None will be provided, for the safety of everyone.

We expect new-dancer dances to begin in 2022. To get on our mailing list for when classes and beginner dances resume, call Gladys & Ted, 610-584-3744, or Email us

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